Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Top Hair Trends for Winter and How to Get Them

By: Angie Manson for Behind the Chair.com

Winter hair is particularly challenging. Even though your clients will be bundled up in knit caps, warm scarves and wool coats, they’ll rely on you to create looks that are not only on-trend and fresh, but can hold up to all of those strand-stressing cold-weather layers. Here, top celebrity and editorial stylists break down all the top cut and color trends for winter, plus tips on how to get each look.

What’s Hot: Heavily layered hair, cut to encourage the natural wave, falling just below the collar bone with heavy, chunky bangs

Says who?: Louis Angelo, celebrity stylist, Garren New York and Judy Casey Inc.

You’ve probably seen it on: Denmark model model Freja Beha Erichsen

“Freja Beha Erichsen undisputedly has the most requested, most talked-about hairstyle this season,” says Louis. “What makes this style so refreshing is the length (just above the shoulders) as well as the fringe and natural texture working together. Finally, a style that embraces waves rather than fighting them!” But beware! The look is not for everybody, especially clients who don’t look good with, or aren’t willing to maintain, a heavy fringe.

How to get it: “The most important, key point of this look is to make sure your client has some sort of natural texture,” advises Louis. He says to create a layered cut to encourage natural waves, then enhance them by applying René Furterer Volumea Volumizing Foam to wet hair and blow-drying with a diffuser attachment.

The trend: Rich, lustrous brunette color with natural-looking highlights

According to: Marco Pelusi, celebrity colorist, Marco Pelusi Hair Studio, West Hollywood

As seen on: Model/Actress Carol Alt

“This season is all about ‘easy-does-it’ hair,” says Marco. “A natural, rich brunette with subtle highlights placed off the scalp is right on for winter.” For styling, Marco says that less is more.

Get the look: Grab your large curling irons, folks! Wind large sections of hair around the barrel then break up the curls with your fingers to create flow-y, natural-looking waves. And don’t skimp on the conditioner. “Remind your clients to use a daily leave-in conditioner like Marco™ Color Anti-Frizz Leave-In Conditioner,” he says. “And make sure you offer a deep-conditioning treatment to every client in your chair!”

Trend alert: Full, sexy, free hair—no matter what length—colored in warm tones

Who loves it: Frank Barbosa, celebrity stylist, Frank Antonio Hair and Makeup, Newport, RI

You’ve seen it on: Anne Hathaway in Love and Other Drugs (the long version) and on Abbie Cornish (the short version)

“Hair definitely becomes a gorgeous winter accessory if it’s worn full and sexy under our scarves and hats,” says Frank. “I think we’ll see a lot of big, wintry hair in warm tones to keep us hot under the collar!”

Recreate the trend: For Anne’s style, Frank recommends blow-drying René Furterer Vegetal Sculpting Gel into the hair. Next, wrap hair around a 1-inch curling iron and a ½-inch curling iron, alternating sizes as you move around the head. Make sure you don’t curl the ends! Shake out the curls and it’s ready to be topped off with an adorable knit cap. For Abbie’s full, mid-length bob, blow-dry hair using a round brush and upward movements. “Downward movements will flatten the hair too much,” notes Frank. Allow each section to cool on the brush after heating to lock in the style.

The trend: Short hair and high buns

Who loves it: Jacqueline Bush, celebrity stylist, Exclusive Artists Management

You’ve seen these looks on: Ashlee Simpson, Emma Watson and Janet Jackson (short hair) and Jessica Alba and Sienna Miller (high bun)

“I love Emma’s adorable pixie, Janet’s new short hair and Ashlee’s fresh ‘do,” says Jacqueline. “And the high bun is a great styling option for women with long hair.”

Tips for recreating: The best short cuts are done with a razored texture, and each of these short cuts have round layering. Don’t forget to texturize heavily. “That makes the difference between fresh and modern and ‘soccer mom,’” says Jacqueline. The high bun works best on long hair. First, prep wet strands with René Furterer Vegetal Sculpting Gel then blow dry for volume and bounce. Create a center part then tease the hair at the crown. Leaving a few pieces out around the face, brush hair up into a high ponytail. “It’s okay if the ponytail is not perfect,” she notes. “A slightly undone finish is what makes the look more modern.” The trick to the look is to pin a hair extension “doughnut” at the base of the pony then wrap the pony around the doughnut and pin for added volume and shape. Finish with a small bit of shine pomade and holding spray.

What’s hot for winter: Shiny hair, sleek bobs, and long wavy styles

Cases in point: Christina Ricci, Megan Fox, Uma Thurman

Says who?: Creighton Bowman, celebrity stylist, Exclusive Artists Management

“I find we don't go with any one style these days,” says Creighton. “We change the style and texture with each new season.” Christina is a great example of a celebrity with sleek, shiny, healthy hair, he says, whether she wears it down or up in a slick ponytail, straight and shiny is always the key. “Megan Fox looks great with shiny, highly-styled waves, and Uma Thurman is rocking a sleek, collarbone-grazing bob.”

Recreate the looks: For Christina’s smooth, sleek look, start with blown-out hair using shine-boosting products such as René Furterer Glossing Spray and a flat brush. Create a center part and flat iron the hair. “With this shiny, straight texture you can leave hair down or slick it into a high pony tail,” says Creighton. Megan is working long waves, but instead of a rough beachy texture, she’s opting for blown-out waves with more shine and style. First, blow out the hair with a medium round brush for volume, using René Furterer Volumea Volumizing Foam to add volume. Next, use a large curling iron to create soft waves. Uma’s bob shows off her blond highlights and gives her overall look more drama. This look is all about using your flat iron to create smooth, sleek strands. “Tucking one side behind the ear looks stunning, too!” notes Creighton, who adds that any winter-worthy look isn’t complete without glossy, healthy hair. “Recommend a color gloss to every client, and of course, use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to help combat harsh winter weather.”
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