Monday, February 21, 2011

What Does Ionic, Ceramic, Tourmaline etc. Have To Do With My Hair Tools?...?

Quite a few years ago I saved this info from one of my trade magazines, I'm going to guess Modern Salon or American Hairdresser, because when all this technology was new it was and frankly still is very confusing! I hope this helps you to understand a tiny bit better what all the nerdy words mean :-) 

I borrowed this pic from LadySpeak

Ceramic - An inorganic nonmetal coating on flatirons that provides constant even heat. If you recall, the Space Shuttle was made with ceramic tiles to control heat. Some less expensive flat irons are made with aluminum plates, but these are not generally recommended because they can be very drying and damaging to the hair.

Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) - The speed of the electromagnetic wave divided by the wavelength. Blow Dryers that use the lowest electromagnetic frequency to protect ions break water molecules instead of boiling them.

Infrared - Electromagnetic energy at a wavelength or wave lengths somewhat longer than those or red light. Infrared heat warms the hair from the inside out, causing less surface damage. Heat will distribute evenly, straightening hair fast and reducing risk of damage.

Ionic - Produces negative ions which eliminate frizz and static by smoothing and closing the cuticle layer of the hair. Companies that want to provide individuals with a way to retain straighter and smoother hair are using ions more frequently.

Nanotechnology - The application of Naniscience - the science of very small particles. Nano sized ions transfer quickly to hair, creating shine and eliminating buildup, toxins,static and bacteria.

Ozone molecules - Triatomic molecules consisting of three oxygen atoms. Ozone molecules are emitted by some blow dryers to shorten drying time,improve hair health, help hold color, minimize frizz and fly aways.

PTFC Heater - Originally created for NASA for the the aerospace industry, they're now used in flat irons. They not only emit infrared ions, which drastically reduce cold spots and recovery time, but they're also know for their efficiency and precise heat control.

Titanium - A light weight, durable and scratch resistant metal that produces even distribution of heat, prevents static electricity, smooths and seals the cuticle layer of hair and adds shine.

Tourmaline - A semiprecious gem that is a natural source of negative ions and far infrared rays. When used in tourmaline hair styling tools, the crystal emits negative ions - six times more than only ceramic styling tools. These negatively charged ions actually help smooth hair by sealing the cuticles, and helping the hair to retain moisture. These negatively charged ions actually help smooth hair by sealing the cuticle layer and helping the hair to retain moisture. Everyone can benefit from using tourmaline hair styling tools but is best for people who have thick, frizzy or textured hair, or for those who blow dry, straighten or curl their hair on a regular basis.
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