Monday, January 03, 2011

I was reminded to be thankful

I was chatting with Barbara, one of my clients who is in her 70’s.  I was telling her about a friend of mine who was extremely up-set because she was going to be 30 years old this week and has been freaking out about it all month and how she truly felt her life was just about over!  I made the comment to Barb that my friend should be really happy to be only 30 and how I would love to be 30 again and went on to say how at 50+ I realize now how strong I was at 30 and I how nice it was to have so much more confidence and horse sense than when I was in my 20's!  At 30 my skin was still soft, no gray hairs and no noticeable wrinkles were appearing yet.  Barb interrupted me and sweetly but seriously looked into my eyes and said -
"Becci, I would love to be 50 again"!

I realized right then and there how important it is to really appreciate, enjoy and love ourselves at every age. I will remember that whatever age I am I will appreciate and enjoy the benefits of that age.
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