Sunday, December 19, 2010

Think of Your Hair as Fabric - Sandra Bullocks Hair:

When you wash and iron a button up cotton shirt you want it to look crisp and hold the creases, so you would choose to use starch to help achieve the crispness you want.

When you wash and iron a silk blouse with ruffles then you would be using a fabric softener to enhance a soft flowing look.

Think of your hair as fabric.

If you want fullness and body choose volumizing products to support curls and fullness.
Such as, volumizing Shampoo, extra hold gel, pomade, paste, and hairspray -
These are the “fabric starches” for your hair.

If you want a sleek smooth hair style then choose softening products
such as smoothing shampoo, creams, silicone serums, spray shine -
These are the “fabric softeners” for your hair.

Have a great hair day! Becci
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