Thursday, May 13, 2010

Winn Claybaugh came to Wichita!


 I love Winn because he loves the cosmetology industry and I love how he teaches us to be nice and to love people as well as ourselves. Winn Claybaugh has started a “be nice revolution” with his book called "Be Nice Or Else! ". He tells us the time has come for us to be nicer and to be a part of a revolution to create a nicer world. He says that: “You can decide that you will no longer participate in a lifestyle of being mean to people, in big ways, small ways, overtly, covertly, intentionally, or unintentionally. You can decide that you will no longer let good service and kind words go unnoticed. You can decide to show your appreciation for every act of kindness, no matter how small or large. Remember to live life daily as if all people – even strangers – really matter. Everyone deserves to be treated with kindness and respect, and all we have to do is treat others nicely”.

~ This week I was fortunate to meet, shake hands, and receive two hugs and to listen to Winn talk. Thank you to Paul Mitchell the School - in Wichita for inviting us! What NICE people!

A few thoughts Winn shared with us:

There are visionaries, fence sitters and resisters.

Winn reminded us that it’s our natural right to be happy, to feel joy, freedom, contentment anywhere, anytime and with anyone. And that everyone can be a visionary, not just a fence sitter or a resister.

Some of the traits a visionary are:

• They love to say “yes”. Yes to new ideas and new opportunities. And that we can still be a visionary, be nice and say no when we need to. We are not doormats. Winn says being nice is not about being a doormat. We can say “no” - a lot and still be nice.

• Visionaries have an eclectic group of friends. Which means their friends are all ages, have different belief systems, and are from all kinds of different professions etc.

• Visionaries are the first to arrive and the last to leave. Arriving first means to be there early, not right on time. If I have a meeting at 10:00 and I get there right at 10:00 then I’m late. Visionaries will be at the meeting 10 to 15 minutes early and will have no problem staying late after the meeting to try to finish a project, or maybe to visit with the others about their thoughts on the meeting.

• For the visionary it’s not just about the paycheck. They never have that “it’s not my job” attitude. They get things done.

The fence sitter:

• Doesn’t easily make decisions or care what decisions are being made.

• They could go either way.

• A fence sitter’s loyalty and commitments are tied to their mood for that day.

The resister:

• Argues just to do it.

• They are good at planting seeds of negativity all around.

• They criticize they gossip, complain, work hard at not working and will try to convince others not to do their best either.

Everyone will have all 3 of these traits at one time or another. But it’s the nice people who will try to have a visionary’s ideas as often as possible. Some people are born happy and are natural visionaries. For others, it takes work to be happy and to be a visionary. It’s so easy to have that “I don’t give a care” attitude and be a fence sitter or to just not do anything at all like the resister. It takes courage and strength to be the visionary.

Winn reminded us that we always have a choice and can decide which we’d like to be - a visionary, a fence sitter, or a resister.

Like I said, I love this man and I love his idea of reminding all of us that life can be good and it can be happy and all it takes is to simply BE NICE!

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