Friday, April 30, 2010

My Mannequin Mania Entries

First entry:
Princess Flaire of TMI Land

The inspiration for my mannequin head came after seeing a display mannequin that Freddie French was working on in an old film clip in one of Vivienne Mackinder’s documentaries. I think he covered his in wax but I felt the desire to cover mine in newspaper print. One thought leads to another and so began my creation. I find a creative place within my mind and go with the flow. Usually I don’t know how a project will turn out until it’s finished. But I do believe that art will usually reflect the subconscious feelings of the artist. So after stepping back, thinking about and taking a look at Princess Flare I admit that I do feel as though my head is going to explode with all the news and information I am exposed to everyday. These days the news in our world is puzzling and at times is quite a joke to me. At times I feel faceless and like I could easily lose touch with who I really am with so much information!


Second Entry:
Lady Flutterby
I have always been inspired by the styles of the 18th century and while I was doing research on costumes and hairstyles of that time period I came across the meaning of a few phrases that I’ve heard all my life but never knew the origin of “. During the 1700’s time period, it was fashionable to “Powder” the hair or wigs with a pomade and flour. During the course of the day the powder would flake off so it was necessary to excuse one’s self to the “Powder Room” to freshen up. It's was also probable that mice nested in the towering structures because the hair with all the yummy pomade and flour powder still in it had neither been combed nor washed for some time – thus “her hair looks like a rats nest”.


•In August, our head judges will select the 3 finalists for each category, and Tabatha Coffey will provide her expert commentary on the entries for all to see on
•All finalists will be featured on and from September through October, America will vote online to crown our first-ever Matrix Mannequin Mania Masters!
•Judging criteria: Mannequin Originality (34%); Mannequin Execution & finished work (33%); and Originality of responses to Contest questions (33%).

When voting begins...
I'm going to ask for your on-line vote
I'm going to ask for your on-line vote
I'm going to ask for your on-line vote

Have a great hair day!
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