Monday, August 03, 2009

A goofy mohawk, junk & eyes thrill my day!

I'm not at the salon on Mondays so this is my run around and follow my nose day. Monday is a peaceful day to have off as oppose to a weekend day because there really aren't very many people out and about. Most people are at work and kids are either in school most the year and in the summer there still aren't' any kids around. I wonder where they are. Day care? Basements playing video games? I'm not sure where they are but come to think about it... I do know they aren't out playing in the neighborhood. That's a sound I miss.

Today on my way to the antique mall
I saw a great mohawk on a car at Quick Trip.
Yes, a car!

I bought a bag of odds and ends of broken jewelry at the antique mall and it turned out to be well worth the $10 bucks I lucked out! Lots of goodies to use in making my junk jewelry necklaces and bracelets!

This interesting broach is especially neat. Actually, I think it's worth at least $5 bucks! It's made of little brass balls that look like acorns attached to a chain and then attached to the pin back.

Then when I got home the eyes I ordered from EBay arrived!

They are exactly what I was wanting!

These type of eyes are hard to find, if you can believe it! I use them in the tutorials for my sock creatures in both "Stuffed" and in "Soft Dolls and Animals" magazines! Rats! I did finally find a source so if you are needing some let me know. I just put some in the mailbox for a lady who is making her version of "Apricot Star".
Have a great hair day! :-)

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