Sunday, July 26, 2009

NAHA 20 - North Americam Hairstyling Awards

I'm going to introduce myself to Robert...

Robert Lobetta and Becci at NAHA 20

I have wanted to be part of the North American Hairstyling Awards competition for quite a few years now. I have a NAHA file folder that I've been collecting ideas and articles in that have dates as far back as 1998. For one reason or another I talked myself out of ever participating. I had reasons that were understandable and some that were not at all. I have to admit the worst excuse was that I decided I just wasn't a good enough hairstylist. Blah.

So about two weeks ago I made a final decision to buy a ticket and get myself to Las Vegas to see the award presentations live and to decide once and for all if I really want to or could compete!

I actually am very creative in darn near every thing I create so I believe I would do very well with this challenge! I understand now after my weekend in Vegas that the true and most important reason for giving this a try is actually the process of it all. It's not just the award, it's about the brain storming for ideas, finding models, photographers etc. and then it's the creating the hair styles and seeing them all come together beautifully in the end!

~ The process is the reward ~

Have a great hair day! Bec

PS. I think I'll get a sexy little evening dress next year!
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