Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sock Creature Workshop was FANTASTIC!

I had so much fun teaching this workshop to these wonderful ladies! But the best thing about the day was that we all made new friends and everyone produced some very very cute creatures to take home and love!

I’m so astounded how fast the day went! Not too long after lunch it seemed as if everyone was getting close to finishing their creatures and I began to worry about how I was going to make this class last closer to the scheduled ending time of 3:00. I then looked at the time and it was already 4:00! 6 hours absolutely flew by! The saying “time flies when you’re having fun" is 100% true, that’s for sure! Can you tell I’m amazed about how fast the time went? :-)

I loved how this group was so funny and so silly! We had more than a few moments where were laughing so hard our eyes got teary! Some of the jokes were borderline crude which made us laugh even harder and made our goofing off just that much funnier!
In the process of presenting the workshop I came up with a few ideas to help add to the value of future classes. I suppose that every time I give a class I‘ll come up with new ideas.
Everyone was familiar with sewing and using a sewing machine. Although I would have been more than happy to help someone who had never touch a sewing machine it did make it much easier for me to keep the class moving along smoothly.
I loved that they listened to my presentation and then ask the question “what would happen if I did this or that to my creature?” By using their imaginations they all come up with original, one of a kind creature to take home and love!

Thank you all again for making my day!
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