Saturday, June 06, 2009

BrideZilla! Oh NO000ooo!

My first client yesterday morning was Debbie, BRIDEZILLA! How can someone who is getting married be so horribly unhappy and so ugly???
I found these hints on “eHow” to help deal with a bitch to be helpful and have incorporated these ideas into my hairdressing, actually not just with hairdressing but in all kinds of relationships as well…
Step 1 - Never show fear. Get control over yourself and take a few deep breaths. This will give you the time that you need to override your natural responses. Keeping calm is going to piss her off because it sends a message loud and clear that she hasn’t gotten to you.
Step 2 - Deliver a rebuttal that makes her back down and puts you in charge.
Step 3 - Feel sorry for them. It’s difficult to get angry with people when you pity them. They don’t have a grasp on their own lives and therefore try to shatter someone else’s because inability to control their own jealousies. It is a condition that deserves pity and compassion, but also intolerance.
Step 4 - Look at yourself from their perspective, it’s good to get another viewpoint. Very few of us are perfect. We likely have a trait that drives everybody else crazy.
Step 5 – SMILE
Does anyone else have any suggestions to add to this?
do have a great hairday! Becci
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