Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cute Hair Style Idea

This very cute young cashier at Kohl's told me she hated her hair and was so bored with it that she really wanted to cut it all off! She said never knew what to do with it and it was like a "ball and chain" to her! During the course of the day she began sticking ink pens into the plane ole' bun she had finally decided on in the rush to get out of the house. I told her she had amazing hair and she must have a very creative soul to come up with that cute interesting idea! She was genuinely surprised that I said that to her! She told me she in fact was an art major and that she had to drop out of school to work full time to pay for an expensive accident that she had happen to her. She was so unhappy working at Kohl's because it was SO un-creative and she was about to go nuts! There were little tears welling up in her eyes as she told me all this thus, making me start to tear up too! we both stood right there in the Kohl's checkout line crying like little babies!
I just mad that all up...Sorry!
Have a great hair day! :-) Becci
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