Sunday, May 24, 2009

Layer Love Lesson 2

I glued a page from an old dictionary to my painting and like the result of that.
But the rest of the painting looks better in this pic than it does in real life. In reality it's very dark and very dull and I don't like it at all! So instead of getting upset and feeling like I'm not so perfect I decided to take the advice of an old friend who is a famous professional artist...He said just tear it up or shred it if you don't like your finished piece (he really does this I know because I've seen his shreeded pieces in the trash!) Don't ever worry over it just learn from it and go on.

So I tore it up!

I decided to keep the collage piece because it in reality looks neat. I'll use it in another collage project someday...

The rest of it is in the trash!
Who wants to bet that in the morning I'll be trash diggin'? I'm just that way!

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