Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Layer Love Lesson #4

I'm having trouble adding stuff to my finished lessons. So I decided to call each lesson "finished" until the day comes when I find that perfect thing to write about or to collage.
So until then...I decided to make a digital finished piece!
Oh Digital, I love you!

This is how I began Lesson #4.
Like the cookie sheet? :-)

I bought Golden Crackle Medium and was so excited to try it! I'd never heard of the stuff until Julie added this to our lessons... When I was ready to do the crackle layer
OH-MA-GAWD! it was all dried up! Crap!
The next day I found some Ranger Crackle Paint but the only colors they had were yellowish orange and a pinkish color, thus the yellow choice in this lesson...
I like it!

The scratching and squiggling work real well in the crackle paint.

Have a great hair day! Becci
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