Saturday, July 04, 2009

"Layer Love" Lesson #5

This is Lesson # 5 finished. A little city began to appear at the bottom so
I scratched in some impression-ish windows.
You can click on the inage to see the detail.

I am a high contrast lady.
I love sharp, bright very concentrated colors.
I love the colors of the Sunday funnies or

the "educational page" as my Dad would say...

So this is the color inspiration I chose for this exercise today. It turned out absolutely in no way, size, shape or form the way I intended it to but I LOVE it!

Now what on Earth do I do with it?
Maybe... the up coming mother of all online art journaling classes
"Art Journaling Super Nova"
which starts on 9-1-09 with registration on 8-08-09 at: on 8-08-09
will give me some direction as to what to with my Layer Love projects...

Different cookie sheet this time :-)
Happy 4th of July!
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