Sunday, February 15, 2009

Secret #4 – Surrendering to Your Creativity Cycles

Surviving the “void

The void or the times when I feel so empty of ideas is part of the process of life and creating. I need this time to heal, reflect, rest and re-charge my energies to get ready for my next adventure!

I underlined the entire first page of the segment called “Surviving the Void”. I really, really, really liked the message here! I ended up circling some words and phrases that rang out to me and this is what they were:

~ wise women accept them
~ trust
~ will percolate again
~ fear
~ surviving
~ following the clues
~ remaining true to yourself
~ it’s time has passed, even if we wish otherwise
~ courage is mandatory

Gail wrote:
“You can’t hide from the void – it envelops you and keeps pulling you under like a relentless octopus. When you have discovered the truth the creature will let you go”.
This void does pull me under and begins to destroy me when I fight it! When I accept the void for what it really is (a time to rest and heal) and when I go with the process I don’t get so afraid, upset, depressed…
I see the void as being vital to the journey into the next step in my life or creative venture. Whatever that next step might be, the void is not only the time to deal with and sort out my shit it’s also the time to reflect on what I’ve learned, look at what I’ve done and then to release it (with love) if necessary and then begin to move forward in to my next step or adventure.

The void is the time to get ready!

Once I realize I’m actually in the void and I remember it’s a time to re-charge and get ready than I’m not so mad, lost or afraid. Or not as much anyway! I know I do have a purpose and I become sure of myself and not confused.

The void lasts as long as it needs to. It depends on how much shit I have to sort out, how long it takes me to let the shit go and then how long it takes me to become calm and rested.

The idea here is for me to remember how natural this void time is go with the process but not get to so comfortable with it that I don’t want to leave it! I can see that I would do that!

It's a creative cycle!

Watching for clues:
I am clearly in a void time right now. Although I’m not afraid I am impatient. It seems I keep hitting dead ends with so many of the things I try. My alone time art seems to come together in small steps but art classes, art groups, taking or teaching hairdressing classes - although fun, all seem to end up nowhere. They just end. Maybe my clue here is they don’t need to be going anywhere right now. Hummm.

Note to God:
I’m ready!
Thank you, Bec

Quote I love:
“Diamonds are only chunks of coal that stuck to their jobs - you see”.

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