Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Secret #5 Committing to Self-Focus

A common belief is that a "feminine" woman is suppose to be self-denying and self-sacrificing. While we have supposedly graduated from being servants, we are still expected to serve others and to minister to their needs...

Where did that come from! Parents, grandparents, men?

I have to say I have never felt like that!
I am thankful that I was never told that - Ever!
~Thanks Mom, thanks Dad~

"Lesley herself said that she couldn't have written her two books with children living at home; writing had to wait until they were grown".

I do not agree with the statement at all. When I made the choice to have kids I knew it would be a full time job and yes, I'd have to give up a few things because of this choice. But I also knew I was #1 - not my kids! I know, I know this sounds selfish but I don't care. I know if I don't take care of myself mentally and physically I will get sick and/or go nuts then who would take care of my kids? There is a reason why the flight attendants tell us that in case of an emergency and the oxygen masks drop to put them on ourselves first and then put the mask on your child...

As I read on this is exactly what Gail is saying in this chapter. She gives the definition from the dictionary.

Selfishness is: concerns with one's own interests.

"Women who sacrifice their own fulfillment for their children are often (not always) angry and depressed."

I am not angry and I'm not depressed. I have two happy and healthy boys.

I am selfish and proud of it!

Some sentences I like:
"Many creative women have more ideas than lifetimes: they continue to generate new ideas, but never complete their projects."
"Setting strong personal boundaries is the way to protect ourselves as creative vessels,which is fundamental to creative work."
"Successful creative women also know the importance of self-care."
I didn't have too many thoughts about this chapter - today anyway. I wonder if I re-read this another day with different eyes would I have more "aha" moments?
Sure I would!
Have a great hair day! Becci
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