Friday, January 30, 2009

Secret #3 Follow Your Facinations

~Taking a calculated risk is what rang loud and clear for me~

Gail McMeekin wrote: “Calculated risks propel us forward in a positive manner”.

Well the last “calculated” risk I took seemed to be so perfect and exactly what I thought I wanted to try that it didn’t even seem like much of a risk. Crap was I wrong! It was a disaster, it was humiliating and it was well - just horrible! It was not positive at all!

This happened last year about this time and I can see now that I was wrong about this being a horrible risk. I was forced into some deep soul searching and prayer to come to terms with the “risk” that I needed to take but most likely wouldn’t have done without this experience.
This “calculated risk” gone bad turned out to be very positive for me because I learned and I grew – a lot!

Quote I liked by Mary Pickford:

“When you make a mistake don’t look back at it long. Take the reason of the thing into your mind, and then look forward. Mistakes are lessons of wisdom. The past cannot be changed. The future is yet in your power.”

Sentences I really like:

“Loretta realized that stressed people often distort reality.”

“The Purpose of “Inside Out” is to utilize art-making and creative expression as tools to enhance women’s self esteem and confidence, to expand communication skills and self-expression, and encourage personal change.”
(This program helps women in prison)
This is a program that really makes me want to help! I can’t believe that!

“What did I have to lose since I had already lost the piece?”
Good question to ask myself! This is the perfect opportunity to take a risk since I have what I think is a ruined piece anyway!

“I’m not sure that I ever felt that it was a matter of courage, so much as it was a matter of survival”.
If it’s not a matter of survival it seems less pressing to take the “risk”.

“So I’ve never seen my choices as being so much about taking risks as honoring what will keep me a healthy human being.”
If I don’t take some risks not much new ever happens in my life. Things stay the same and get stagnant. And this causes me to be easily depressed I get sick more often! It is vital to my health to take a risk or two now and then!

"They say that luck happens when preparation meets opportunity and she had done her homework. Her readiness and the words just clicked”.

.Be a positive risk taker . Practice . Grow from your mishaps .

"Shoot for the moon.

If you miss you'll be among the stars".

And do have a great hair day! Becci

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