Saturday, January 24, 2009

Secret #2 - Honoring Your Inspirations

How do I respond to a creative impulse?

When I do sit down and “respond” to an impulse I can come up with some really neat creations! The trick is to respond more often – it’s hard sometimes to do that…

I liked this sentence from this chapter:

“Inviting your creative inspirations into your consciousness alters the course of your life. Being willing to be creatively awake is a choice and not always an easy one”.

This is what I mean – it’s hard sometimes!

Today I CHOOSE to create.

I was lured, I was tempted, and I was charmed into making this:

I thumbed through a 1970's National Geographic magazine to find pictures to make my collage with. I love these I picked! I glued all the pictures to a piece of fabric then covered the whole thing with watered down glue. Next I added torn pieces of orange tissue paper here and there. Covered that with glue. Then I used Sharpies to make the daisy's to finish it off. Then I covered the whole thing again with glue...

A few other sentences I liked in this chapter:

~"Inviting your creative inspirations into your consciousness alters the course of your life".

~ ”Inspiration comes very quietly. Say you want to write (or sculpt or draw). Well, not much will come to you the first day. Perhaps nothing at all. You will sit before your typewriter or paper and look out the window and begin to brush your hair absent-mindedly for an hour or two. Never mind, that’s all right. That is as it should be, though you must sit before the typewriter just the same and know, in this dreamy time, you are going to write, to tell something on paper sooner or later.
You must know
that you are going to sit here tomorrow for awhile, and the next day and so on, forever and ever.”

I really like this thought! It is so true!

~ “So in order to let myself create, I need to have organization around me. The first thing I had to do was clean the refrigerator and bake something wonderful. I think it’s about reclaiming my space”.

I often find I need to have things tidy and picked up before I can sit down and create. I thought it was because I was making excuses to get started with my art. I’ll can get upset and angry with myself when I do this! I see now this can very well be about reclaiming my space and not just an excuse! Neat thought! This reclaiming my space makes more sense because I love to create so why would I make excuses not to create? Silly me!

Have a great hair day! Becci

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