Saturday, January 03, 2009

New Year - New Background :-)

I figured out how to add a new background thanks to
The Background Fairy @
This is a Christmas background but it matched my There is No Box critter so well! WOW!

I was checking out the latest at the GPP Street Team page @
While following all the fun links I realized some of the pages had backgrounds different than what Blogger offers and I liked them better, they were more creative! I'm thinking I can make my own background with my own soon as I can figure out how to write the code for it, obviously this can be done! :-)

This new Year - 2009 I plan a few simple things...

~Create just a little more~

~Sleep when I want too~

~Stay out of the fridge a lot more! ~
Have a great hair day and a GREAT 2009! Becci
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