Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hair care product diversion

Hello Everyone—Those of us who loathe product diversion scored a sweet victory early last week, when “Good Morning America” aired a Consumer Report focused on professional hair product diversion. If you didn’t catch it, the segment warned consumers about the dangers of purchasing diverted products at unauthorized outlets. The report revealed the “Three C’s” of doing so—these products are often COUNTERFEIT, CONTAMINATED and (here’s the best part) they actually COST more than they do in salons. We got tons of emails from industry pros who saw the report and were thrilled because they felt that salon clients were getting the truth at last. The next time your client tells you that she buys her professional product at the corner CVS or Target, be sure to let her know about the three “Cs.” It’s a great way to help her understand that diverted products are no bargain!

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