Sunday, July 13, 2008

Good - bye tree

Bryce's kitty kat - Cooper was up in the tree that was due to be cut down the next morning. He just had to be rescued!

Mission accomplished. Cooper was safely retrieved from the doomed tree! Peace is once again reining at our house!

Our poor Globe Willow tree was old. We had a really intense ice storm last year and the tree just didn't make it back this spring...The main branch had 3 major cracks in it and looked like it would fall on the house with the first windy day. We get some crazy windy days around here too!

Take note of the guy at the top of the tree in the picture above (you can click on the picture to see him better). He was kinda of a show off... he knew we were watching him! None the less, he really knew what he was doing and did a great job!

The tree is gone now and after being so sad about losing it I had to admit I really like how it opened up our yard. It looks like there will be all kinds of things we can do to pretty it up!

Have a great hair day! Bec
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