Sunday, June 08, 2008

Joint project with my son Brian

Brian is always ready to dress up for an occasion and I'm always ready to help him out ! Actually both my sons Brian and Sean have been willing to let me dress them up in some pretty great costumes over the years for Halloween and for other various parties!
Brian's get-up this time was "old Gregg"!
If you haven't seen Old Gregg then here's a clip to educate you on
the latest British comedy nut-ball:

I had so much fun with Brian designing an Old Gregg costume. This seems a bit silly and was! We both will remember the fun we had together for this project for a very long time and to me that's priceless! It won't be long at all before he'll be moving out to start his own adult life. I know we will still have fun in the years to come but right now he's still my little boy!

The hair was made of plastic sea weed from the pet supply store for fish tanks. I sewed it to a black cap and added green ribbon and torn scraps for texture. I covered an old sweat shirt with silver fabric and not seen in the photo Brian is wearing a pink Tutu, green tights and white boots! It was so flippin" funny!

I was playing around with Photo Shop and digitally altered the photo of Brian as Old Gregg and this is what I came up with...WOW!!!

Have a great hair day! Becci

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