Saturday, June 07, 2008

The New Earth I have something neat to write to you about today…

There are so many good thoughts in this book... I started underlining the sentences that I connected with but realized I was underlining the entire book!

I had a neat “AH-HA” moment and wanted to share it with one of the artists in “The Artful Blogger”. Her name is Zorana. I just had to e-mail her about a connection I had made after reading her “Artful Blogger” article.

This is a clip of the article. Click on the picture to read it better.

Hi there Zorana! My name is Becci and I wanted to share a thought with you...I finished reading a book this morning (a great book as a matter of fact) called "The New Earth". There was a thought that really really hit me right in my heart and I felt so good after realizing what it meant! Anyway, at lunch I picked up my "The Artful Blogger" magazine to brows through while eating. I opened up to you article on Pg.22 and what you said in the opening paragraph connected with the thought I read this morning! I wanted to share it with you. Since I'm not a very good typer I scanned it in so you could read it. I hope you can read it and I hope you enjoy it! Let me know what you think...

Have a great hair day! Becci in Kansas

Click on the picture to read the excerpt from "The New Earth"

This was her reply…

Dear Becci, I don't even know how to start this email.... With a 'thank you' for taking the time to write me. I LOVE that you scanned the pages with your notes on the side. It has such an charm... something you don't see every day. I had a lot of trouble thinking what to write for Artful Blogger. Nothing I could say seemed as interesting as other articles I read. After several sleepless nights I decided to write the same way I create - from my heart and without censoring it. I feel uncomfortable reading it even now in print.... simply because it is honest and true and maybe not 'cool'.I listened to "The New Earth" as an audio-book and remember those paragraphs... I remember being in my car and thinking "this is ME"... Throughout the book I felt many times that I don't need to 'get it'... it's natural for me.... and it was heart warming to understand why I feel 'different' and that it's mostly a good thing. I am very touched and happily surprised, and very flattered that you understood my words and made the connection. Thank you very, very much. I visited your blog and have it bookmarked now. I couldn't believe that you are a grandmother (of an adorable boy!). I also love you "Have a great hair day!" finish... I had to smile at that, because now at 43 I have better hair than I did when I was young. At least - I think so... I enjoy my completely wild and unruly and suddenly curly hair (why did it turn curly now I have no idea.. but it's a good thing). Thank you once again.

Have a very happy weekend, Zorana

The thrill of this connection that Zorna and I made via “blogging” is something I can’t easily put into words but what I do know is this connecting is what the whole idea of blogging is all about! “The Artful Blogger” magazine is a huge part of these types of connections being able to actually happen! This is a big thought but I believe that because of the beautiful blogs they are helping to educating the public about they are contributing to bringing about world peace. These blogs are from every corner of the Earth! I have personally connected with, gotten to know and understand people from all over the world! It is proven that the more a person gets to know someone the easier it will be to forgive them in turn the less they will be angry with them and want to declare war! Told you it’s a big thought! HA!

Have a great hair day! Becci Renfro in Wichita, Kansas

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