Thursday, June 12, 2008

Crusade #21 - Gravestone rubbing attempt and a fun outing!

Michelle Wards Green Pepper Press Street Team monthly project is doing wax rubbings. Click the banner below to go to her site if you want to find out more...

The idea of going to a cemetery to get rubbings sounded interesting to me. After all this would be something that's certainly isn't an ordinary thing to do in the course of a day and I get thrilled when out of the ordinary happens! SO Bryce and I set out for the adventure! We gathered paper and couldn't find the crayons so settled on pastels. After getting to the cemetery I discovered I didn't put the paper in the van! But I did have an insert from the newspaper we could use...We have a little old cemetery close by that I thought would be a good one to find older stones to get some good rubbings from. It was such a pretty afternoon and being in the cemetery really was quite relaxing and peaceful. The neat and unexpected thing was that Bryce and I had the opportunity to talk about dieing. This is quite a big subject for a little guy of 4 yrs. But it is a very important thing to talk about at what ever age. Death is made out to be so scary in out society and can be such a paralyzing fear to so many people.

The stone I picked had a deco looking flower design on it. Bryce was my photographer. He's really good at getting the perfect shot too! "Grandma, just sit right here and I'll shoot from over here", were his instructions..He's a natural!

The rubbing turned out to be a dud! But after I fixed it up digitally with borders I think it looks kinda neat! I was disappointed that I didn't get a good rubbing though...I guess pastels aren't the best choice to use for this.


That evening I went to the class I started at our local Center for the Arts and guess what technique we played with was!


so I got some good rubbings accomplished that day and I ended up with a neat piece of art!

I also used large bubble wrap and some corrugated card board to print some more texture with acrylics over the crayon rubbings... You can click on the picture to see a larger view if you'd like.
Have a great hair day! Becci

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