Friday, May 09, 2008

Getting to Nashville YEA!

I've never been to "Music City" or any place near the south for that matter. It was so great to see a little more of our country! When I went to Italy with my Mom it was awesome! What history, what beauty, and so enchanted! On our return to America I had an AHA! moment and realized that I have tons of great stuff to see right here in the USA! I decided right then and there to make it a point to see what is here in our own homeland!

My weekend was short and the Fashion Focus Confrence was why I was there but I did get a chance to see a little of the down town area and walk part of "Music Row". Music Row is widely considered the heart of Nashville's entertainment industry. The offices of numerous record labels, publishing houses, recording studios, video production houses, as well as radio networks, and radio stations. Hundreds of famous musicians have recorded here! I didn't see anyone famous...actually how would I know? Not being a country music fan I have no idea who is famous! HA! Sorry ya all!

I got a taste of a the Blues at B.B. Kings night club for dinner Sunday evening. That was very fun! I think I actually like Blues music, live anyway...

Also took a city bus to see the Parthenon. Yes the Parthenon! It was a replica of the one in Greece! NEAT..It's their art Museum.

Anyway, I was so fortunate to get to go this conference. Goldwell (our hair color company) sent me all expenses paid! I learned so many neat techniques and was refreshed on so many things I'd forgotten. Most of all I feel I grew. I'm more confident as a stylist and I realized I'm not the country bumpkin from Kansas! Although I was gently told that the word "hairdresser" was old fashion. Oh brother! I think I'll call it retro and that's that! ha!
I think our salon is right on target!
Progressions Salon and Day Spa is hot!

Have a GREAT hair day! Becci
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