Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Great Intentions...Mission Acomplished!

Crusade #18 - carving my very own rubber stamp.

First I picked out a few pictures I liked then scanned them into my computer. I changed the sizes, desaturated and adjusted the contrast to a very black and white image. Then I printed them so I could take them to the grocery store to copy them again on the copier with a toner type ink. Toner ink will transfer better than ink jet printer ink...So after doing all the adjusting to my picture on my computer with ease you'd think the copier at the grocery store would have been easy-peasy! NO! I screwed around with that stupid thing for 20 minutes just to get 1 copy! 1 copy is 10cents but I spent 60cents before I got it done! I don't think I've used a copier like that for years! Ever since I got my home computer I don't need to get copies done at the store... On the other hand do you think there was anyone who worked there who knew how to operate it either? NO! geezzz.... :-)
I was going to use Michelle's suggestion of Goof-Off to do my image transfers to the carving rubber. I got home from the grocery store positive I had some of the stuff...No I didn't! It was pouring rain and the temperature was sitting at 34degrees Burrr! I was dreading going back out to get Goof-Off. My son Brian saved the day "Hey Mom, just use wintergreen oil to do the same thing." Well, I was somewhat stunned and said something sorta snippy like "oh sure, like every ones cabinet had wintergreen oil in it"! His reply..."I have some in my bathroom cabinet down stairs you can use." Well, sure enough he did! And no I didn't ask why and I don't think I want to know! HA! :-) . Really he is quite the artist himself and he must have done a transfer at one time for one of his projects. Neat guy! I did this out side real fast so I didn't freeze and stink up the house with the oil. Wintergreen is a good smell but I tell you what, that oil was extremely strong smelling!

Next... after great success transferring the images to the carving rubber, I began to carve. I am really liking this project, thanks Michelle! It really is super easy and is fast to get something carved and ready to use in a very short amount of time...I'm pleasantly surprised!
Carving in progress...
Up in the top right corner are a couple of fairies I made with pipe cleaners, embroidery floss, and torn up silk flowers. I can't remember the name of the book I got the idea from sorry... Anyway I enlarged them below to share with you all...The horses are great aren't they!

The eyes turned out really good and yep they are my eyes...

I tired out my eye stamp to see how it worked or if I'd done all that only to have it be a flop!
Nope it works really really Great! YES!
I scanned a piece of 50's fabric and printed that
to try my stamp on.

Have a great hair day! Becci

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