Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Crusade # 18 - I have great intentions...

Yes... I got the dreaded flu bug! I very rarely get sick so it surprised me when I did! I heard Kansas was one of the top states with the highest rate of flu this season so I guess it was inevitable...I'm in such close contact with so many people every day that I think my immunities are built up pretty strong but I also believe that the mind and the body are so super connected. I try to keep my thoughts healthy. That's such a long story and I'm not a very good writer but none the less I believe that when I begin to think unhealthy or negatively or I have suppressed feelings that really need to be talked about and dealt with I then begin to get physically sick. I said it surprised me when I got sick but really it didn't. I have been dealing with a very troublesome problem and the week end I started feeling bad there was going to be a major situation that I was very upset over and worried about. Anyway the event happened and actually turned out good given that the person I love very much who is involved learned a lot from it and it help him see with clearer eyes into the solving of this troublesome problem...Soooo as my Mom would have said - "Don't write the script Becci, you can't ever foresee or play out the future in your head. It just never turns out the way you planned."

About my great intentions with crusade #18.

Daylight savings had kicked in and I was feeling pretty good so Tuesday evening with coupon in hand I hopped into the car and went to get rubber stamp carving supplies! I now have carving stuff and a few new magazines to enjoy this weekend - YEA! It feels so good to feel good!!!
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