Saturday, March 22, 2008

The New Earth - Chapter 1 Thoughts

I wanted to take parts of the first chapter that really moved me but geezzz it's the entire chapter! Although I have read, studied and pondered philosophical, metaphysical and religious thoughts for years (ever since my mom gave me the book "Jonathan Livingston Seagull") so these aren't not new thoughts but thoughts that are very ancient. Even though, I am really enjoying this book a lot! I absolutely love the idea of thousands and thousands of people watching the web cast all at the same time, thinking the on the same lines and that is the healing of our ego derived stinkin’ thinkin’ that is so prevalent in our world! That means being selfish, causing war, greed, thinking bad about ourselves and forgetting that we need to nurture our selves, and our children, our planet etc. Eckhart and Oprah both are presenting this web cast very well (which can be watched or downloaded any time on her web site). Eckhart is such a gentle, speaker who actually stays on the question or the thought without wandering into super deep presentations or explanations and Oprah is asking real good questions and not being "Oprah" meaning she isn't seeming to be the "know it all'...not that she would ever! (Oprah I love you!)
I‘ll chose a few thoughts and points that I loved for my blog post today...

Is humanity ready for a change of consciousness?

Don't tell life or God what my purpose is...ask what my purpose is and be open to the answer, even if I don’t like the answer all that much.

When a very strong impulse or idea (or answer) comes I may need to wait a bit first before acting on it. It doesn't necessarily mean I have to immediately obey these impulses because impulses can come from superficial levels within your self. Be wise enough to have discernment.

Be here now - Enjoy what I am doing now or I'll de-value the moment and miss it.

If I’m buying or asking for some from my ego mind - I'll know it because I won't be satisfied when I get it. I'll feel I need more. If I am asking for something or buying something with love or true need then it will bless me and all who use or experience the item.
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