Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Sometimes change isn't necessary

One of the number one things that I read in the hairdressing trade magazines about building a clientele is that a good stylist should always stay on top of the newest hair trends and styles. A good stylist should recommend a new hairstyle every time the client comes into the salon. This is supposed to keep the client from getting board with the same old hair cut. If I don't recommend new ideas then the client will get board with me and will go someplace else to get the satisfaction she is searching for. I've got loyal clients who have been coming to me for years and a lot of them are still having me cut their hair exactly the same as we did from the beginning and I’m proud to say I have had most of my clientele for 10 to 28 years - I'm not kidding! Yes, we do talk about new trends that are going on in the hair world and they like that but they come to me because they are happy with their hair, they know how to style it, they can depend on it not taking too much time to fix and they know it will look good. They love that they can depend on me to give them the exact (or nearly exact) cut they had their last visit and every visit before that! I can change them in a heart beat but if change isn’t what they want then that's when upset happens and I will lose that client! I agree that change is not all it's cut out to be. Keeping some thing the same is a good thing when it's out of choice and not out of fear. That's when stagnation happens. And stagnation is not a good thing… now is it?!

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This is one happy lady...her hair style is going 13 years strong!
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