Tuesday, February 05, 2008

My Pandoras Box Journal Kit

This month the "Green Pepper Press" Street Team is about doing something for yourself that will enable you to be a better journaler.....

This pretty little Crusade nO.17 box below is a link to Michelle Wards Street Team Page and it's there that you can read all about what the "GPP Street Team" is all about.

I don't have a journal. I really want to get one started but feel it would be just another "can of worms" for me to get into! I do have a traveling art kit that I carry every day... it's my purse! In the fold out zipper part I have my drivers license, credit cards, cash, etc. and in the main part I have my arty stuff! I have scissors to cut out stuff from magazines. We have tons of magazines at work that I secretly cut up and I have a stash of magazines in my car for "just incase" situations when I have to wait for John or one of the kids. I have blank ATC cards ready to doodle on, pens, pencil eraser and a small drawing pad.

What I'm realizing here is that I don't have to start a journal, because I already have the start of what could be a great journal. I could just go back and write some stuff on the pages I've already doodled on.! hum... Great thought!

This is a close up of the sketch in my traveling art kit... I was sitting in the car waiting for John while he was in Best Buy. This was a real photo of a girl on the cover of one of the magazines in my car...

Have a great hair day! Becci

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