Sunday, February 17, 2008

Is your hair flat?!

Here’s a few things to ask yourself:

Is your hair simply too long?
Gravity is the culprit here and it's amazing how a tiny trim can do wonders! Hair can grow faster one month than others and the longer the hair gets the flatter it lays…

Or is your color grown out?
Even a highlight can texturize the roots enough to give your hair some extra body and a nice boost at the roots.

Are you applying your styling products at the roots and distributing the product evenly throughout your hair?
If you apply gel or mousse only to the ends of your hair this can weigh your hair down and cause the droops.

Are you using all the products you really need to be using?

We used to rely on a perm to give us the body we wanted but today's new styles and looks are all about the products. So to get your hair to do what I want it to do when I style your hair I use 3 products (actually 5 if you count the shampoo and conditioner).

·I use an up-lifting foam when the hair is still wet.
•Then I apply a molding paste to get the "piecey" look of todays styles. Go ahead and ask your stylist to teach you how to apply amolding paste right because if you get too much you’ll hate it, but when you figure out how to apply it right then it’s a product that you will never live without again!
·Last I spray the hair with hairspray to hold the finished style.

A note about professional product versus grocery store product.

If you're using grocery store brand products but your hair is not styling right, your colors are not shiny and fade real fast, if you have trouble with your perms taking and your hair is dull and just not pretty then do guy some professional products. They really are better quality and you really are worth it!
But if your hair is super and you have no troubles then by all means use the cheaper products – hey if you use bar soap and you have great hair then geeze, use bar soap!

Be aware that the professional products you see in the drug and grocery stores are diverted, they are not less expensive and can be contaminated! Arggg! Not good! So buy your supplies at your favorite salon support them and be assured the products you’re getting are on the up and up…

If you have any questions about your hair...send me a note!

And have a GREAT hair day! Becci
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