Monday, July 02, 2007

Week #4 ATC Workshop...

This is what my cat Wiggles was doing while I was creating... "What a comfy cat!"

These were fun techniques and I will most definitely make ATC's using all 3 of these again for swaps that I join and creations to hang around the house. While doing the tissue paper technique I recalled doing a similar project in an art class I took during the summer when I was in grade school. We had a great summer recreation program in the 60's at the Elementry School . It was only a 1/4 of a mile from our house so we could walk there any time. We made all kinds of neat stuff with clay, lanyards, bracelets and played games like 4 square, checkers, chess, jump rope and had watermelon seed spitting contests SO MUCH FUN! I wonder why our schools don't still do this for the kids during the long hot summer? Seems like it would help to curb the boredom they experience especially about 1/2 way through the summer...Oh well...That's a problem that we need to seriously address here in our country.

Oh yes, I can't forget about Brownies and Girl Scouts! My Mom was almost always our leader and she was the Queen of crafty stuff! We kept busy all the time with craft projects during, after and in-between our meetings! Did anyone else make a mosaic tile hot plate when they were little?

The first technique I did for this lesson was using "tissue paper". I crumpled it up and glued it onto the card stock then when it was dry I used a rubber stampon top of it...




After. I used a rubber stamp and I doodle a bit with a black pen.

This one above I simply put the tissue paper over a face form a magazine molding the tissue to go with the waves of her hair. I was going to stamp over it but I like it just as it was...

This card was a mixture of the string (which I'll show at the end of this posting)and the tissue paper technique...Yes, this is a picture of me that I altered in Photo Shop. Spooky huh? I feel like I look like this at times. I guess a girl can get grumpy & dark sometimes... I get like this especially when I can't make up my mind about something and I know I need to make a decission.

Next was a technique using "telephone book paper". John doesn't know I tore up the phone book yet! I think if I'm lucky we will get our new book in July...Hope so! HA!

I got the old picture from the Internet and I added the Cow Doggy Girl in the middle. I made her for another swap and I used her again for this card! I really love her!

Another picture from the Internet. WOW what a resource! I am so happy to be part of the Cyber Space frontier!

Now is the 3rd technique using "string". The idea was to do what ever with the string mainly to create interest and texture to the finished ATC. I enjoyed this because of the texture and interest it did create! Good idea!

The background of this card was done with the torn up magazine technique we did in an earlier lesson. I then just wound the string around the card, painted it then glued on the little pictures I had in my stash.

Kinda the same idea here. This is my Mom and Dad and me and my sister Theresa.

And another example...

Have a great hair day! Becci

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