Friday, June 22, 2007

Week #3 ATC Workshop...
I enjoyed this weeks lessons. All the techniques were comfortable for me to produce. Actually they were effortless. Usually when something is effortless for me I become very board with it and I don't want to do it . I never feel bored doodling on pictures.!

This first technique is called "Magazine Papers". Tearing out magazine pictures and then cutting them up and drawing & doodling on them is the idea for this.

I cut out face parts from different ladies and glued them back together in the normal face order but as you can see this is not normal looking! It's WILD! I didn't add extra drawing on this ATC so you could see a before of this idea.

Above, I cut up the magazine picture then I glued it back together in a semi weaved pattern then drew and doodled on her for the finished ATC.

The second technique was the same idea as the first one except this time we added gesso over the top of the magazine picture or photo then drew on top of that. It gives it a misty surreal effect that I really like!

This is the original picture. My good friend Daisy is the beautiful lady in this picture!

And this is Daisy altered.

Magazine pic original.

Magazine pic finished.

Magazine picture finished. I for got to scan in the original ...Oh well.

The third technique was interesting. It's done with Never-Dull. You know, the metal polish that's in a can and you tear off a tuft of cotton stuff?

After finding my image from the magazine and gluing it to my ATC card stock I used Elmer's glue to trace, doodle, dot, dash etc. onto the picture. When the glue was dry I used the Never-Dull and rubbed over the picture. The dried glued stayed there but the toner from the magazine was blurred and or removed depending on how long I rubbed it. The effect is interesting and gives a very nice textured effect for a background.

I tore up red and black magazine pieces and glued them to my card. Then I "dotted" the glue over that. I used the Never-dull just to the point that the toner was almost gone. Traces of the original colors still there

Here I kind of striped the glue on to my background image. I think it kinda resembles an American flag but it originally wasn't that at all! I like how this ATC turned out, so00oo creative I must say! HA!
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