Saturday, June 16, 2007

Week # 2 for my Cyber Sapce ATC Workshop

I wasn't as excited about this I thought! When I got my stuff all together I began creating the lessons and as usual I could hardly make myself stop! I do eventually stop though, physically but not mentally. I go to bed and my mind still throbs with ideas! I absolutely love my bed and sleeping so even thought I'm coming up with tons of great ideas, I wouldn't ever think of getting out of bed to act on any of them! NO WAY!
Anyway, here's some examples of lesson #2.

First we did what's called the "Leafing Pen Resist" technique. We used a metallic pen made by Krylon. It's actually some kind of 18kt. gold leaf. Well, the gold one is anyway. I guess the silver pen is silver leaf but they also make a red one so I wonder what that is?

The gold doesn't show up very pretty on the computer screen like it does in real life. But, I like these cards. For the Angel and cat card I first I drew the sun with the leafing pen and then I water colored over it. The paint won't cover the leafing pen so this is why the technique must be called "relief".

Above is another example of a this technique finished...quite a few months ago I was doodling while talking on the phone ( go figure)and I came up with lady who has a bit of a "deco" flair.

And this is my little sister and me in the early 60's...ahhh, how sweet!

Below are a few examples of un-finished backgrounds using the "Leafing Pen Resist" technique.

Above is stamped with a textured rubber stamp.

I used the red Leafing Pen. It's not very shiny but still looks pretty neat

The second technique is called "Inky Layers".

I "inked" up layers of a different varieties of papers that I collage to an ATC background card. I rubbed ink with a couple of colors from my rubber stamp pads into the layers with a paper towel and then smudged here and there with my fingers to get some depth and a somewhat (controlled) distressed look to the background.

Below is the background,

And this is the finished ATC below...

Again below is the background

and this is the finished ATC...

The creature in this ATC is actually a picture of one of John and my one of a kind sculpted art dolls that we make. I have a link posted at the top of my blog here if you'd like to check it out...

And now the 3rd technique is using stencils.

I think you're getting the idea now about me showing you the background (above)

and then the finished ATC card (below).

But in the 2 examples below I didn't make a finished card for them so0o0o...

Stencils were not my favorite technique but it might have had something to do with it being very late and I was tired! It was messy and sloppy and that can drive me nuts! I'm a bit of a perfectionist and the tiniest little mess up makes me borderline compulsive till I get it cleaned up or fixed up. I love the look of disorder in art I see. This style really really thrills my soul but doing it or living in it makes me paralized till it's taken care of!

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