Tuesday, June 05, 2007

ATC ( Artist Trading Card) Workshop we are Cyber Space Pioneers!

I 'm in a Yahoo Group called "Artists of the Round Table". This is a group of artists who create in all kinds of different media. We started an on-line workshop following the book written by Bernie Berlin called "Artist Trading Card Workshop". We are as a group, starting at the very beginning and will do each project in Bernie's book. There are all kinds of different techniques in her book that she teaches and I'm very excited to be a part of this work shop! After the workshop is complete and all projects are done we will get a completion certificate signed by Bernie! YEA!!! I think there a 100 people who are participating and the workshop had to be reluctantly closed because it was just getting too big for the moderators to handle!
Here is my first lesson completed:

Above are watercolors randomly dripped on to a baby wipe.

This is the finished ATC using the colored baby wipe.

This next ATC technique is called "Intuitive Water color ". The idea here was to randomly drip water colors onto the paper and when it's dry see what kind of shapes I can see then outline the shape with a pen, kinda like looking at clouds and finding faces and such in them...

The 3rd technique was to drip water color on to a paper towel, let it dry then tear it up and apply it to the ATC card for an interesting background. I like this technique because of the great texture it gives to the feel of the card.

Here is an example of one the I used a rubber stamp on and one I did collage on:

I have really really enjoyed this project! There isn't very many groups near me that like to do this kind of stuff, I do have a 2 friends and 1 group I enjoy but as we all know it's hard to get together with work and family and resting (that's important too!) So anyway, I'm thinking how lucky we are to be pioneers in this Internet group idea! Chances are we may never meet physically but we have all met and are becoming good friends of "like mind" in mind and spirit,which after all is what I'm thinking is what we will be takein' with us when we die! WOW! Cyber Space Pioneer, NEAT thought! :-)

Have a great hair day! Becci

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