Friday, August 10, 2007

I got a little behind with my ATC Workshop project but am all caught up now...It feels so good to be caught up , I love that I can relax and enjoy my usual peaceful life. :-)
To refresh your memories I am participating in an "on line" workshop with a Yahoo group called "Artists of the Round Table"

Click here to join ArtistsOfTheRoundTable
Click to join ArtistsOfTheRoundTable

100 of us began with chapter one of Bernie Berlins book called "ATC Workshop" and will do each chapter till we try every technique in the book. I think there are 13 chapters or so and each chapter has between 2 and 3 techniques you can imagine we will all be doin' lots of new stuff!

here is a link to my first post about this workshop ...start at the bottom of the page if you'd like to view it in order.

Anyway this is Lesson # 7.

this technique is called "Resin Fresco". I used paint ultra thick embossing powder and gesso to get this neat textured look for this background. here I have the unfinished back ground of the little Frog dancer then I have it finished.

Frog Dancer background

Frog Dancer finished

The next 2 cards are examples of more finished cards using this technique...

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