Thursday, June 23, 2011

Phone Calls in Our Lives

To touch base with another person and hear their voice adds a dimension to a relationship deeper than an email or text message will ever do. Touching base in person is even deeper than a phone call but I’m on the phone call right now and I’ll get back to that later.

Texting definitely has its place right along with all the other newest technology are great for quick little bursts of info and updates or a “just thinking of you” message when no conversation is really needed. What I’m realizing is simple but somehow gets lost in the everyday overwhelming amount of the bits of info I get. It’s the human interaction and the resonating sound of our voices.

The vibration of the human voice is considered
one of the most powerful healing forces.

I didn’t have a cell phone until the mid 2000’s and yes I had my hair like that and yes I wore those stupid owl glasses in the 80’s! Why did those glasses ever become the “style”!?
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