Monday, September 20, 2010

HairDesigner TV is SO FULL of Information!

I've spent all afternoon practicing a web site tour to present to my hair stylist friends and am studying the HairDesigner TV website so that I can become an expert on what the web site is all about. I'm doing this because I decided to join Vivienne Mackinder's team and begin training to be an Ambassador for HairDesigner TV.

Ambassador: am•bas•sa•dor /noun
/am-ˈba-sə-dər, əm-, im-, -ˌdȯr, -ˈbas-dər\
a : an authorized representative or messenger
b : an unofficial representative - traveling abroad asasambassadors of goodwill

I am more than happy to help represent and spread the word about
something I believe in and am excited about!

 I found the HDTV's on line learning program about 6 months ago.  I have looked it over, tried the membership out, did some of the lessons, interacted with some of the employees and with the art team and have thought deeply to see if this was truly a group of people who I could get behind and support.

And I'm here to tell you it certainly is!

I think this on line learning program is one of the very best I’ve ever seen and I’ve been a working hairdresser for a long time! (Email me and I’ll tell you how long).  The lessons, the inspiration, the business advice, the web shows, the documentaries and the deep personal interviews inside the minds of experts in the hairdressing field as well as the experts who are not in this field, this and so much more are priceless!

But what made up my mind and sealed the decision to join Vivienne’s
team was I believe in her message.  I admire her desire to better
our industry and to enhance our careers as hairstylists and I believe
she does it because she truly deeply cares about and loves our industry!

Anyway, back to what my original thought for this post was…
As I’m clicking around the HDTV web site, which I knew was full of great information, I realized that HairDesigner TV is packed fuller than I originally realized!  I am pleasingly shocked at how much is here! And as I’m realizing this, I have also realized that this is only the beginning of HairDesigner TV!

HairDesigner TV is so awesome! 

It’s about to explode!

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