Sunday, August 22, 2010

Slight Body to Maximum Volume for Your Hair Style

Weather you choose to use a curling iron, a round brush & blow dryer or rollers… there is one steadfast rule of thumb to remember.

If you hold the section of hair that is to be curled at a 90 degree angle or straight out from your head no matter where your section is on your head you will get curl and volume. If you hold it at a 45 degree angle you will have curl and medium volume and if it’s held at a 0 degree angle you will have curl but no volume. Ok, say you’d like more than the 90 degree high volume. Hold that section at a 135 degree angle for higher volume or at a 180 degree angle for the highest volume. This applies to every section you‘re going to curl.
Have a great hair day!  Becci

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