Saturday, June 26, 2010

TaTaTiana Goes to Progressions Salon & Day Spa

When asked "who is the most important person in your life"
most will without hesitation say their children or spouse.
The answer to this question is YOU!
YOU are the #1, the Top Cat,
the Queen Diva, Your Royal Majesty!

So take loving care of yourself and stay well mentally and physically.
If you don’t and you get sick and/or go bonkers
then have to go to the funny farm
then who will take care of your family???

TaTaTiana loves her TaTa’s!
She eats well, exercises and gets her yearly diva breast exams
and PAP tests faithfully!

Today for a little a little relaxation and self lovin’ she is going to go to
Progression Salon & Day Spa (here)
and have Becci (Renfro) pamper her all afternoon!
TaTaTiana’s had a very busy schedule with her modeling career and magazine photo shoots for
“Stuffed - The Crafting of Softies”
(Summer 2010 Volume #3 Issue #2 Page 112 & 113).

Have a great hair day...
and please take care!
You are the only you there is! 
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