Friday, January 29, 2010

I've been cutting, styling and painting!

"Camden" haircut and style with HairDesigner TV (HDTV)

I have joined an online learning and networking site for salons and stylists with Vivienne Mackinder who is a world renowned hairstylist (and my new mentor) and has condensed 30 years of her knowledge and experience into a comprehensive educational series. Even though over the years I have done most of what is being presented in these lessons in one way or another, I'm still learning so much! Vivienne’s idea is to take us back to studying and mastering the basics. Yes, I can put someone’s hair in an up-do and it will look very good and very beautiful when I'm finished but I never have felt I was in control. I feel like I just wing it, which is really just using my intuition but I love the idea of using my intuition and being in control of not only what I’m doing but why I'm doing what I'm doing!  Even haircuts and colors can become repeatitious and I'm not thinking about what and why I'm doing what I'm doing... hummm...

In the hairdressing business styles and tastes change and rather quickly I might add! It's very important to me to keep up with these changes. Vivienne encourages us to take pictures, lots of pictures to document what we're doing. She says "the camera will be your best teacher. It will show you things you didn't see before". In this "Camden" haircut and style excercise I think I have the style done very nice but when I saw it through the lens of my camera I could see two things I didn't like. First was that the style looked a bit dated and second that I had the left side about an inch longer than the right side! ARGG!

Anyway, I'll decided to fix the length later and use my blow dryer and brush on her hair to see if that would loosen her up and update her.  This is shown in the last 1/2 of my slideshow. I am very happy with the project and I'm sure my clients will love to wear this style!

What are your thoughts? Do you see the differences between the first 4 pics and the 2nd 4 pic?
Which version would you like to wear?


I’m taking another on line workshop called
with Julie Prichard & Chris Cozen.

In  lesson 1 Julie and Chris are helping us to understand color relationships, mixing color and most importantly, learning and having a better understanding of the paints I have. The first thing we did was make swatches of all the colors we have onto a transparency sheet. This is only the first step of this lesson...I'll be working on finishing lesson 1 this weekend...

I have all kinds of beautiful watercolors that I’ve collected and painted with over the years but I‘ve never painted with acrylic paints until Julie came into my life with Layer Love. Through Julie’s classes I have begun to collect Golden Acrylic paints so my collection is small. I love Golden Paints, they are absolutely beautiful!  I'm possitive my collection will grow!

Have a great hair day!  Becci
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