Sunday, January 10, 2010

If you’re not happy with your hair cut then I’m not happy!

Over the years I have learned a lot of very nice haircuts and styles that I can suggest for you but somehow I haven't mastered mind reading. If you don’t know how to tell me what you want chances are you might not be happy with the end result.

Here are a couple of situations you may find yourself in at one time or another in your quest for a new hairdo.

1st situation - You have an idea of how you want your haircut (or color), you can visualize it in your mind but you can’t find the words to describe to me what you want and you don't have a picture to show me. This is a scary situation for you and a frustrating situation for me. I want you to be happy with your new hair cut but when I have no idea what you’re asking for chances are slim that you’re going to get the cut you are hoping for.

2nd situation - You have absolutely no idea what kind of hair cut you want. My suggestions puzzle you and you just can’t close your eyes and let me do what I think would work for you.

When you feel you might be in one of these situations here are a few ideas to possibly calm your nerves and help us avoid the frustration they cause.

~ Ask for a little more time. I, along with most stylists, allow ½ hour to 45 minutes for a haircut and style. I care deeply for my clients, and I love knowing you and your families, but to be honest, in my business time literally is money. So when you call to make your appointment ask the receptionist if she will book a little extra time for you because you want to visit with me about what you’d like to have done. This is helpful to me so I can spend the time to help you without worrying about getting too far behind and having to make my next guest wait. It’s perfectly acceptable to ask for more time once in awhile without an extra charge but it’s unreasonable to ask to take extra time for every appointment.

~ If you know someone who has the cut you like ask her to come with you to your next appointment so I can see how her hair is cut. Friends actually love to do this.

~ You might see someone you don’t know while you are out and about shopping who has that perfect haircut you’ve been dreaming of. Muster up the courage and ask her if you can take a picture of her hair with your cell phone. Tell her you want to show your hair stylist and assure her you will keep it private and not post it on FB. Get a front, side and back view if you can.

~ Start a visual collection of pictures. Cut out pictures from magazines, catalogs and print pictures from the Internet. Put them in your purse right away so you‘ll be sure to have them with you when you come to your appointment. There are too many times I hear “I had some really great pictures to bring you but I left them at home”. Well, this doesn’t do any good for either of us! While you are collecting pictures of what you like consider collecting the ones you do not like as well. Knowing what you don’t want or like helps us both to get closer to what it is you do like.

~ You can also e-mail any pictures to me that you like.

I hope some of this helps you, if you have any questions send me a note.

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