Sunday, April 19, 2009

It's Prom Time! AND My California Trip!

Saturday was prom in our area. I can hardly believe how many girls got their hair and make-up done! We had 37 young divas come into the salon!
Judging by this, I don't see signs of a bad economy here!

I didn't get a chance to get pictures of some of the girls who were getting their hair done but

I thought I'd show you a few pictures of an up-do I did on my mannequin for a display.

Doing up-do's puts me into the same creative mode that drawing or sculpting does. It's intuitive and and in most cases can't be repeated twice! I've tried to take step by step pictures of my hair creations so I could try to reproduce a look but for some reason I still can't get it to ever look the same again! That's' OK because that makes for one of a kind hair do's for proms and weddings!

FRIDAY April 24th is the day
That I've been waiting for for months!

My son Sean and I are heading out early Friday to San Diego. When we get there we will rent a car, get checked in to our hotel then head on over to the baseball stadium to see the Padres play!

Then the next day I'm gong to meet up with my friend Julie who I met last year on the Internet via Michelle Wards GreenPepperPress Street Team. We have never met in person so I am so super excited to finally do just that! The two of us are going up for a two day art party at Suzi Blu's house by the beach! Two blissful days of painting and creating eating, and what ever we come up with!
While I'm having fun at the art party Sean is gong to do his own thing. He'll drive around and see what he can see, lay on the beach, go on a boat ride, what ever he decides he wants to do!
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