Saturday, September 06, 2008

My friend CeCe's blog "A Snip in Time" You gotta read it!

CeCe is an old school hair stylist that worked, trained and traveled with the best in the profession. Relive the glitz and glamor. Suffer through the sorrow and heartbreak. Snip In Time is her life story.

Being a hairdresser is quite a life and the stories most hairdressers have to tell would make a very very interesting book indeed! Geezzz... the ups and downs I have gone through are crazy and interesting and... I was working here in uneventful, conservative Wichita Kansas so I can only imagine what it would have been like to be in a fast forward big city like New York and to work with Vidal Sassoon - who by the way is responsible for you not sitting under the hair dryer for an hour for your weekly roller set!

(This is a collage I made for a greeting card).

As I'm writing this I am recalling a memory that is horribly funny...I had a couple of clients (Ben and Sarah) who were married and would come in together to get their monthly trims. Nothing special just good maintenance trims that were sharp for the 1980's. Which looking back on some pictures the hairstyles looked kinda bad but hey they were cute then and we all wore our hair that way! Remember those tight curly perms? The mullets!?! The big hair for women was well suited for the big shoulder pads we wore back then!

Anyway, back to my story. Lori the stylist next to me was the neatest girl and I really cared for her and loved her dearly. Only problem was that she was a frickin' mess! She smoked at her station, cussed better than a drunken sailor (with Turrets!) and she was loud and she was nasty! Like I said I really did love her because she was a gentle, caring, loving and creative soul. Ben and Sarah usually came in together and I cut their hair one right after the other. Ben was a Minister and was going to be giving a class in the evenings for a few months so to get out of the salon sooner they decided to get their hair done at the same time. Lori was the only stylist available at the time that they needed so Ben went with Lori for his hair cut. OK, here's' the bad part...Lori began Ben's haircut with the usual raunchy mouthed talk, boobs in the face, and telling a dirty joke. Ben and Sarah were both fully aware of Lori's personality and they were not bothered (too much) by it. Ben just grinned and kept quiet and Sarah and I were almost on the floor laughing about how Lori was going on with Ben! You see, Lori had no idea Ben's wife was sitting right next to them and better yet she had no idea he was a Minister! When she did figure this all out she just about got on her knees to beg forgiveness, she was deeply embarrassed and this is a girl who never got embarrassed! I really think that was the day Lori "got it". Her mouth and actions took a turn for the better. She realized how ugly she was. Treating clients trashy like that is not a foundation for a strong lasting career in this industry!

This isn't all that exciting but it is typical of the silliness that can go on in the salon!

Have a great hair day! Becci

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