Sunday, September 28, 2008

I love Victoria Beckhams Pixie hair cut!

I bet lots of you would love to have this hair cut and I'm thinking you just might be able to. Some times all it takes is to just close your eyes and just say
"do it"!
A few things I consider when creating this cut for a customer are face shape, hair texture and growth direction.
If you have a medium texture with a slight wave pattern, this is the very best.
I have done this cut on super straight, fine hair. It can look real cute but it takes a lot of styling work in the mornings to keep it from looking flat, lifeless and frumpy. Frizzy hair or very strong, coarse, hair is not a good choice for this cut either. Again it can be done and it can look very cute but remember, it takes lots of work to fix it to look cute every day.
In my opinion this short hair cut can suit just about everyone, even someone with a full face. Taking into consideration your face I adjust the cut to suit your features. Your bangs might need to be a bit longer or the back a little shaggier or direct the cut to one side or the other.
What ever your hair type or face shape I think
confidence is a big part of enjoying this
super cute hair cut.
When styling, direct all of the hair toward the face from the crown. It’s sculpted to fit around your face. Don’t direct it back because you’ll just end up with a matronly ‘bubble’. And don’t spike it up with too much wax or gel. Soft is the key here. Ultimately, think of this as a little boy’s cut—cute, wispy and youthful. It shouldn't look too bold or too harsh. It should reflect your personal style...and if done well it will magnify that style!
Have a great hair day! FOR SURE! Becci
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