Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Green Pepper press and never feel guilty about what you "don't" do

I discovered Michelle's Green Pepper press in the different altered art magazines I've been buying over the past year or two...or three! I just now discovered the interaction that is getting started and am excited to get involved with some of the challenges. I know me and that means I won't be super consistent with postings but when the urge strikes, it strikes. The link below is to the map Michelle has on her site, check it out...

This leads me to my thought for this week...

I feel that our society makes us feel like we are failures if we're not doing something or producing every minute we are awake and for that matter maybe even when we are sleeping! At times I'm just not motivated to "do" much of any thing. I sit around alot. I go to work, get meals together, I get daily house straightening things done, I watch T.V. and I look at my magazines. I hang out at the book store, go shopping and spend hours (and hours!) on the computer with Photo Shop and surfing the know, daily stuff. This kind of stuff appears to be so unimportant and non producing. But it is what my world consist of. I make a living, I take care of my family and home, I rest, I learn lot's of new stuff. Can this all be so useless, so un-productive? NO! I am super lucky that I do have a family that I love and who loves me...a lot! I have a job that makes me feel good and that helps others feel good too! I'm enjoying a nice home that is clean, warm and dry.

I think we have the most beautiful books and magazines in the the most beautiful book stores in the world! I feel fortunate that I'm alive during this time period of technology so I can enjoy using my computer to alter photos, create neat art, communicate with people all over the world right here in my very own home! I think I am a Cyberspace Pioneer!

Have a great hair day! Becci :-)
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