Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Never know what to post...

I have the Somerset Studio "The Artful Blogger" and am just absolutely in love with all the ladies featured in it! Well, I haven't quite finished reading it so I'm assuming they are all women's postings... Anyway, I have had it since October I think, but am reading it really slow so I can savor every single word, picture and thought that is involved in the beautiful publication. I feel that 's how you should eat your "cream cheese pie" as well...very slow, focusing on every aspect of that yummy treat!
I am not much of a poster here on my little blog. I think I get intimadated by all the ones I am reading about. I know, I know...I can hear you all moaning about how a blog is not suppose to be a burden and ther is not right or wrong! BUT! I still seem to sit down and go blank most every time I sit down in front of the blank screen. Kinda like a big piece of white paper I guess.

My good friend Mary says we have a "odd ball" home decor and I should just take a picture of little areas here and there and post about that. So this is my first attempt at that!
Below is my dresser. What do I say about that? Well... to the left I have a little shrine for my Mom and to the right there is a sculpture of a mermaid I made with polymer clay. In the middle is my Brighton jewelry tree and above my favorite kid book is a picture of Brad Pitt! Oh yes and this is a regular picture taken on a regular camera and sent to me by his Grandma via a family member who use to live next door to her...I love this pic but don't really display it because he didn't spell my name the way I spell it, which shows I don't really know Brad personally at all! Boo!

I do want to say "have a great hair day"! Becci
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