Monday, December 10, 2007

I'm "jewelry rich!"

I absolutely love making necklaces like this! I feel "jewelry rich" because I can make as many of them as I want to in any style, size, color, for any occasion that I want to! If I were to buy a one of a kind little piece of collage art like this one of my sweet cat "Wiggles" to the left, I would have to pay $150.00 or more for each one! I already have necklaces and bracelets that might add up to hundreds & hundreds & hundreds of dollars! I'm stopped by strangers when I'm out and about asking me where I got my necklace. When I say I made it their eye balls bug-out and they say "WOW do you sell them"? No0ooo... I don't sell them but I really need to do that. There are a few neat little gift shops that would gladly do that for me I bet. Orrr... I could sell them at the salon to my customers...Hummm good idea...

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