Thursday, November 02, 2006

Art Dolls are a Rapidly Expanding Art Form

Art Dolls are a rapidly expanding art form. Galleries in New York and Santa Fe are adding the dressed figures to their exhibits, including the Louvre in Paris! Celebrities, art lovers and sophisticated buyers from around the world are discovering the joy and magic of this new and growing world of
mixed media characters, many of which are becoming sound investments. John and Becci Renfro would like to introduce and to educate all who have a sense of wonder and appreciation of fine art as well as imagination.
Art Dolls, or Sculpted Dressed Figures, are all "one of a kind" figurative pieces. They are created from scratch with a polymer clay and use no commercial molds of any kind. They require knowledge of not only human anatomy and sculpting but needlework, wig-making, cobble work, costume design...Just about every art discipline is needed to make a sculptural piece that may have fabric in the body, or perhaps silk thread for hair, painted skin tone, hand made jewelry, authentic costume, etc...It is all within the artists imagination and creative skills. It would take volumes to describe (as well as to show) the immense variety of work that can be considered in an "Art Doll".
You will find that Art Dolls represent a kaleidoscope of styles ranging from sublime to whimsical, from eccentric character pieces to classically designed historic figures, and work that defies classification!
We hope that you, too, will discover the excitement and become part of the Art Doll world!
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