Thursday, February 11, 2010

Beauty is always there.

Winter can be a humdrum crappy time of the year, especially for creative people. Creatives are always wanting/needing to create and nothing much inspiring is going on. People are closed up in their homes because of the cold. Nothing is growing, not very many little animals running around, there's not much color - just coldness. Classes, conferences, new stuff in the stores don't kick into gear until closer to Spring time.
Ahhh…thinking about Spring.
I love Spring, things are rested, I am rested and beginning to come alive and get going again!
I feel refreshed and alive in the Spring!

I bet I was a bear in a past life!
If I were a bear I'd make this into my hibernating cave.

This frozen fountain is in Kansas City.
I saw this beauty right in the middle of Winter.
Beauty is everywhere.
It's allways there.
It's there if we choose to see it.
Here is proof of beauty in the midst of humdrum crappy Winter...
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